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Carl Lorusso Jr.

New Single "Wild is the World / Long is the Night" available now on Spotify/Apple Music/Bandcamp


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“There’s a definite hint of Leonard Cohen about Lorusso’s songwriting and indeed about the sound of his voice. The depth and the emotion, the delicacy and the grit, all work smoothly together to give the story-lines a certain weight and authority that leaves you hanging on every moment.

Carl Lorusso has that special something that music fans have missed lately – this organic, soulful, natural ability to embrace and entrance the listener. Feeling all at once familiar and fresh, the songs brighten your view of modern music and remind you of the wonder that still well and truly exists.”
-Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman
“Shades of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen rolled into his own unique style. Very well written & sung.”      
– Randy Skaggs, Q108 Kingston
"In each song, Lorusso explores a facet of life, a life challenge that can only be conveyed through expertly woven poetry.”
-Samantha Stevens, The Littlest Voice


Originally hailing from the small town of Tottenham, Ontario, Carl Lorusso has been performing regularly in and around Toronto for the past 10 years, including a 4-year residency at Graffiti’s in Kensington Market. His third album, 2017’s “100 Broken Words”, was nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award in the category of “Best Folk/Blues”. 

Photos By: Harrison Fine

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